If it excites you

and scares you at

the same time, it probably 

means you should

do it.

Elopements and Intimate weddings are something I have specialised in for a few years now! I am so truly blessed to call this my ‘job’. It really does not ever feel like work as I am so wildly passionate about documenting such intimate moments and connecting with so many amazing couples from all over the world. 

Rest assured, even my most adventurous couples hate their picture being taken, someone once said ‘All your couples look so confident’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 99% of my couples hate their picture being taken and always tell me how ‘awkward’ they are in front of the camera. I try to read each couple and use that in the way I approach each elopement, every couple is different and no two couples are alike. I try to bring out each couples individuality and personality in the way I photograph them. Some are quiet, some are passionate, some like goofing around etc and rather than trying to shoot every couple the same I like to keep an open minded way of shooting each wedding to bring out the best of each couple, in the way that truly represents them! 

The key to couples opening up in front of me is just creating a very laid back and relaxed environment. I hate my own picture being taken so will never make you do anything that would make you or me feel cringey or cheesy. Most of the time we will just go for a little hike after the ceremony to 2-3-4 locations and stop at various points along the way. I won’t get you to stand awkwardly posing in one spot for hours, I like to keep fluidity and movement to my work and a natural vibe to the day, as if you were just going for a walk on your wedding day with an old friend. Super relaxed and chilled. 

I provide a relaxing and friendly approach to being a part of such an intimate day. I cover elopements all over the UK as well as destination elopements within Europe. I offer competitive rates for travel outside of Cornwall.

Prices from £400.