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January 21, 2021

Planning an Outdoor Wedding in Cornwall

Are you planning an outdoor wedding elopement in Cornwall or thinking about having an intimate ceremony in nature and not using a venue? Our wild, adventurous, Cornwall Elopements are perfect for couples that want an eco-friendly micro-wedding, leaving nothing but footprints and keeping costs down. These ceremonies are suited to all ages and abilities, for couples that love nature and the great outdoors as much as we do. We are lucky to be able to live in such a beautiful county and love showing couples from outside of Cornwall our home. Outdoor Wedding in Cornwall, Outdoor Wedding in Cornwall,

In our Elopement Checklist you can find tips, advice and information on planning, budgeting, clothing, legalities, locations, suppliers, quirky accommodation, what to pack and items you will need for your  Elopement wedding in Cornwall.

Outdoor Bride and groom huddle together outside and abandoned church on the cliffs in Cornwall

Best locations for a small outdoor elopement  in Cornwall

There are so many amazing wild locations to choose from when Eloping to Cornwall. Cornwall has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, making it a top holiday and wedding destination in the UK. But with so much choice it can be hard to decide. Considering things like the time of year and if you will be having any guests with you can make a huge difference. Some locations are off the beaten track. If you want privacy and a quiet intimate outdoor wedding in Cornwall then you may need to walk a little to get away from the crowds. We have lots of options for all ages and abilities. Parking is also a very important consideration as car parks in the summer fill up early often before 10am at popular beaches and locations. We recommend sunrise or sunset ceremonies for this reason during the peak of summer or choosing less well known spots is really advised.

Outdoor wedding cornwall couple in sea at Kynance cove

Our favourite locations are:

Ancient Sites in West Cornwall

Sea Cave Ceremonies

Secret Beaches in Cornwall

Hidden Rocky Coves

Windswept and Dramatic Cliffs


Cornish Mines

Full Moon and Blue Hour Elopements

Which one would you choose?Wedding Elopement for just the two ceremony with candlelit in a Sea Cave in Cornwall


Keep it Intimate

We recommend keeping your outdoor elopement, handfasting or micro-weddings small and intimate. The most popular ceremonies we do are runaway weddings for 2 where it is the couple only or maybe a small handful of guests, usually no more than 6 or 8. Having smaller numbers keeps it intimate and also makes it easier for couples to change plans last minute, working around the weather without having to worry about guests.

Tides, Times, Moon Phases and Season

When having your Outdoor wedding, it is important to check the times of the tides (beach wedding), the phases of the moon (night wedding), the length of the days (depending on the season). This is to ensure your safety and to give you the best wedding experience with us in Cornwall. We recommend that the best time of day to give you the best light is the 2- hours before sunset. This time is often quieter and also you get the ‘golden light’ for more magical and romantic wedding photography. Harsh light is unflattering.

It is best to invest in a tide book and choose a date where there is sunset and low tide at the same time. Also double check to see if you can see the sunset from your chosen beach, the sun moves depending on the month and it may dip behind cliffs an hour before the actual sunset. We use apps such as PhotoPils to check exactly where the sun rises and the sun sets on any given day in the year.

two men kiss on a dramatic beach as the sun sets behind them lighting up the sea

Decor, Keep it Simple 

We recommend using the beautiful backdrop of nature as your decor. Cliffs and beaches can be windy and decorations can blow away. Being able to easily set up and take away causes less stress and less to carry. We suggest for a sunset or blue hour ceremony using bamboo fire torches that are light to carry and can be held in place easily in the sand and will stay lit in the wind. They can create a nice magical glow and look atmospheric for your beach wedding in Cornwall. We are extremely conscious of protecting the environment and marine life and we see the mess and plastic left behind on the beaches during the holiday seasons. We don’t want to be the cause of any mess being left behind or decorations blowing into the sea. Our best advice is keep it simple and let our gorgeous coastline be the ultimate backdrop for your wedding in Cornwall.

bride and groom walk in botallack mines on their elopement wedding in cornwall

Dress for the Location and the Weather

Choose lighter fabrics for your dresses/suits in Spring/Summer. Warmer fabrics, longer sleeved dresses, shawls, jackets and thicker suits are perfect for winter weddings. Choose a style that’s comfy and allows you to climb over boulders and down slippery slopes and over the rocks for your beach Elopement. Wear a flower crown rather than a veil for safety. Choose practical footwear for season/location/safety. Carry shoes, outfits, bouquets in a backpack and put them on at your location, especially if you plan to use a more trickier location or one that you need to hike to.

a groom hold a brides hand and helps her up a steep hill and holds her bouquet for her

Budget Friendly 

Outdoor Celebrant-led Elopements are cost effective and very budget friendly. You will be able to save thousands by not hiring a licensed venue with the licensed ceremony room and their Registrar. This will allow you to spend money on what’s important for you.

Legalising your Ceremony

Your Wild Celebrant-led Wedding with us is not legal. This means you are able to have your Wedding Ceremony, outdoors, anywhere, anytime and however you desire. By not hiring a licensed venue and a Registrar, you have no government rules, regulations or restrictions to abide by. To legalise your wedding, you will need to give your notice of intention to marry and book a no-frills, simple signing appointment at your local Registry Office. (10-15 mins). Please contact your local Registry office for more details.

Your love, Not legalities What is a celebrant-led wedding ceremony?

It’s a totally bespoke, awesome, personalised, unique wedding ceremony, created and led by a Celebrant for amazing, adventurous, free-spirited couples who want to celebrate their perfect wedding day by experiencing their own love story, anywhere they want, however they want and with whoever they want.

What is a registrar /civil ceremony?

A Civil or Registrar ceremony is a non-religious, legally binding service usually 10-15 mins performed by a licensed government official using a prescribed government approved script which does not allow for any religious or spiritual content. Your vows will also need to be pre-approved and and you won’t usually meet your Registrar beforehand as they are allocated their couples and services a short time before.

(Marriage by definition is the legal, official signing of the register, in a licensed venue and is separate from your wedding!)Kissing Couple on their Cornwall Elopement With Photographer


What to Pack

Here is a list of things that you may need to pack (depending on the season)



Bouquet/ Buttonhole

Change of clothes

Swimming costume


Sensible and Appropriate footwear

Head torch

Sunscreen and insect repellent

Hot water bottle

Flask with hot drink -Mulled wine, warm cider, gin

Blanket / Shawls/ Coat

Vow Book


First Aid Kit (Just in case)

bride and groom kiss in a dramtic landscape, white sandy beach with huge black rocks frame them with big dark clouds above them

Our Recommended Local Suppliers

Here is a list of our favourite local suppliers who we have worked with for many years. We know that they are really passionate about you having the best wedding day ever.

Wild Blessing Ceremonies – Wedding Celebrant Cornwall

White Radish Catering

Tremorna Farm Accommodation

Ione Hair and Makeup Artist


outdoor wedding in cornwall

We hope we have given you some ideas of what to consider when planning your Intimate outdoor wedding elopement in Cornwall. If you would like to read more about our outdoor weddings in detail please head over to our other company ‘Cornwall Elopements’ and read our page Outdoor Weddings’. Elopement Wedding Cornwall,  Elopement Wedding Cornwall

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