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Elopement Photographer UK -Elopement Cornwall – Elope Outdoors

Embrace chaos. Chase memories. Be a rebel. Run wild, before time leaves. -Perry Poetry. Elopement Photographer UK

Elope UK  with us, the most magical place

Our ideal couples have a love of nature, the elope outdoors, don’t take life too seriously and appreciate photography. The majority of our couples are awkward and camera shy. We love working with them. Our couples are pleasantly surprised when they see how wonderful and relaxed they look in the photo’s, something they weren’t expecting! On the day of your wedding, we are discreet, almost invisible and accompany you in a reportage style using up-to-date silent camera equipment. Elopement Cornwall, Elopement Cornwall

Romance reportage is what we do best. uk

No distance is too far for us to explore the tale of your love. We will literally follow you to the ends of the earth, if you let us! We love bare-feet, climbing over rocks, windswept hair and are not afraid to end up in the water with you at the end, if you are feeling daring. Your day will be fun, natural, relaxed and as adventurous as you want it to be.

Wedding Photographer – Elopement Cornwall

Devon and beyond! We have been specialising in Elopements for over 5 years now! Elopements are something very special to us and we love capturing each one. Are you looking for fun, wild, natural and authentic images from your Intimate Elopement Cornwall ? Do you love natural, honest and authentic wedding images combined with dramatic landscapes? Our goal is to record your unique wedding day and capture your emotional story intimately. We love to record all those little in-between moments that often go unnoticed… but not by us! We capture all your moments and emotions as they unfold throughout the day, in all its naturalness and raw beauty. Our style is best described as fun, relaxed, wild, authentic and intimate! Elopement Cornwall

So what exactly is eloping?

Here is a lovely definition explaining exactly what a modern day Elopement uk is. An Elopement is a small, intimate, meaningful, authentic, INTENTIONAL wedding experience that is a true reflection of your relationship as a couple and the focus is on the two of you. It is the day you choose to say your vows, using your own words, to each other, either on your own or in front of your Celebrant. To legalise your outdoor wedding, you must have your ceremony in a licenced venue, using a Registrar. You are not required to say any vows or exchange rings but you are required to say the 40 or so contractual words to legalise your ‘marriage’. How you commit yourselves is up to you and not the Government!

Do we need a celebrant for our small wedding?


If you want to have an awesome outdoor Elopement then you will need a Celebrant to createand conduct your wedding ceremony for you. It will not be legal though as at the moment Celebrants cannot legalise ‘marriages’. A Registrar can only legalise your ‘marriage’ in a licensed venue or Council Office so they won’t be able to legalise your outdoor wedding as it’s not in a permanent structure with a fixed roof and solid floor.

If you do want to legalise your wedding then the way around this dilemma is to legalise your ‘marriage’, with a simple, no-frills signing appointment at your local county office where you only say your contractual words. This can be done before or after your perfect outdoor Celebrant-led wedding where you can say your vows and exchange your rings in a way that is meaningful for you.PHOTOGRAPHER

The number one reason couples elope

Intimate & Romantic

Runaway Weddings

Modern couples are moving away from having big, traditional weddings in favour of IntimateWeddings.They love to celebrate with a wedding where they can focus on each other, uninhibited, in an intentional, meaningful way that is unique to them. They want a day that is stress-free, without pressure or obligations to others, without regrets or distractions.

Having an Elopement Cornwall with a Celebrant gives them the freedom to choose how they want to commit to each other, where they want to have their ceremony and what words, rituals or music they would like to include. If this sounds like you and you would also like your own ‘Just Us’ Wedding Ceremony, please take a look at our Outdoor Wedding page or Pengersick Castle, BoHo Cornwall & Beacon Crag for more info.

Beautiful reminders of places we’ve been and people we’ve loved.

If you are looking for an elopement photographer Cornwall then please drop us an email or connect with us on Instagram to see all our latest elopements in Cornwall

Wedding Photographer Cornwall – Why do people elope 

Because we have photographed hundreds of Elopements in Cornwall  Devon and Iceland over the years, we can recommend some great places off the beaten track.


We are fortunate that our home in Cornwall offers the most beautiful scenery for your wedding as we are surrounded by rugged coastlines, wild seas, dramatic cliffs, Cornish tin mines and endless sandy beaches! Because we have photographed hundreds of Elopements in Cornwall, Devon and Iceland over the years, we can recommend some great places off the beaten track.


Why Elope to Cornwall?

We work closely with Boho Cornwall and Beacon Crag. Both of these Intimate Elopement Venues are set atop dramatic cliff tops with incredible views and are amazing if you prefer to use a venue for your wedding ceremony.

After your Celebrant-led Wedding ceremony (see Wild Blessing Ceremonies page) we will take you on a Photographer  Safari , driving you to the most beautiful nearby places, for wonderful and unique photos of you together as a newly married couple.

Wild Elopements in Cornwall

Please have a look at our portfolio, social media pages or blog posts to see more of our favourite images we have taken at weddings, elopements, couples shoots, honeymoon sessions and our editorial work. To find out more about your Outdoor Elopement Photographer Cornwall and Wedding Packages UK or you’re ready to get wed with us, please drop us a message. Share your dreams and let’s make a date.


To find out more, get in touch.

Elopement Photographer Uk shoot a beautiful bride on her wedding day on a rough cliff in Cornwall



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