Hello I am Jo.

I have always been a bit of a wild child. Someone who ignored the rules and was guided by the beat of her own heart.

Most of my crazy youth was spent with a camera in hand. Dropping out of school at 15 and escaping to England, I found my calling behind the lens.

My 6 year old son is even wilder than I am, he gives me a run for my money! His name means 'ocean' in Cornish and he belongs outdoors, throwing caution to the wind, every day an adventure.

My own adventure has landed me here, travelling wherever the magic takes me, capturing that connection between couples with dramatic landscapes and seascapes as their backdrop. Part photographer, part mermaid, my unique style draws fellow untamed types who have also unlocked their inner wilderness.

 I'm inspired by the coastline, the sea mist, the subtle changes in the sunlight as it softly evolves. But mostly, I'm influenced by the people I meet and capture on film, your story and how you became entwined. 

A free thinker and sea-soul with an emphasis on simplicity and authenticity, it's all about getting to the bones of what makes you, you and immersing myself in your romance. I would love to connect and capture your enchanting tale.




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