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HI, WE ARE PATRICK AND JO – your Wedding Photographer Cornwall. Here you can find all secrets about the persons behind the camera.Elope UK. Elope UK

Hello I am Jo. I have always been a bit of a wild child. Someone who ignored the rules and was guided by the beat of her own heart. Most of my crazy youth was spent with a camera in hand. Dropping out of school at 15 and escaping to England, I found my calling behind the lens. My 8 year old son is even wilder than I am, he gives me a run for my money! His name means ‘ocean’ in Cornish and he belongs outdoors, throwing caution to the wind, every day an adventure. Elope UK, Elope UK

My own adventure has landed me here, meeting Patrick unexpectedly on a Cornish cliff whilst he was on holiday from Germany. Joining forces, we now live and travel together wherever the magic takes us, capturing that connection between couples with dramatic landscapes and seascapes as their backdrop. Part photographers, part mermaids, our unique style draws fellow untamed types who have also unlocked their inner wilderness. We are inspired by the coastline, the sea mist, the subtle changes in the sunlight as it softly evolves. But mostly, we are influenced by the people we meet and capture on film, your story and how you became entwined. Free thinkers and sea-souls with an emphasis on simplicity and authenticity, it’s all about getting to the bones of what makes you, you and immersing ourselves in your romance. We would love to connect and capture your enchanting tale.

Fun facts about us

We are your average weirdos. We love long hikes on coastal paths and finding secret beaches. We enjoy our spontaneous and badly planned adventures, wild sea swimming (mostly in the winter and wearing very little), wild cooking, wild camping on the edge of cliffs and drinking lots of coffee (Jo prefers the gin).

Patrick loves hoovering, listening to VERY loud metal and hardcore music to make him deaf. He would eat apple pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner if Jo let him and only moved to Cornwall from Germany after discovering his love of Cornish pasties and the landscape. It is Patrick’s dream to own an old a derelict farm with a donkey called Paul.

Jo is always busy. She dislikes shoes and can often be found barefoot on cliffs in winter. Jo is learning German, badly! She currently knows 4 words for penis in German. It is her dream to live in a treehouse with a hot tub and own a pig or cat sanctuary. Jo likes to make weird pottery things with boobs and collects lots of plants that like to die on her. She thinks she was a pirate in her past life.

Keynvor is the biggest bundle of energy and has aged me considerably in the past 8 years. He seems to always come home naked and loves wild swimming more than us. He can be found happily splashing in the cold Cornish waves in January for an hour. He eats too much chocolate and loves to play IT and jump on us when we are trying to sleep. We promise not to bring him to your wedding.

Adventure, Fun & Family

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. — Jean Houston


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Reviews about us – Elope UK

Wedding Photographer Cornwall. Jo and Patrick are truly the most incredible pair. We could not have asked for better photographers for our wedding and engagement shoot. When we booked, it was just Jo at the time (she was the one we arranged everything with and she singlehandedly did our engagement shoot – the photos are absolutely glorious!) but Patrick joined our wedding as a secondary photographer and we’re so glad he did so each special moment was captured from different angles!

Wedding Photographer Cornwall. They are such free spirited and beautiful people inside and out and worked with passion. I firmly believe this is what everyone should look for in a photographer, especially a wedding photographer – avoid anyone too stiff and robotic (think of that classic school portraits! Yikes). Jo and Patrick put us both completely at ease. We barely even noticed them throughout the ceremony and wedding breakfast and yet they managed to capture incredible shots that we’ll treasure for years to come.

The only small room for improvement is communication (though overall this is still good) – sometimes out of office autoreplies don’t add up to the current date, but to be honest I really think that can be overlooked! I HAVE to give 5 stars because the quality of the photographs is soooo superior to so many other photographers we shortlisted – every single person has commented on how beautiful the photos are and at the end of the day that’s one of the most important things. Cannot recommend these wonderful people enough.

Kind Words about your Wedding Photographer Cornwall

Jo was one of the first people we booked for our elopement wedding. Seeing her stunning photographs on social media we had our heart set and would of changed the date of the ceremony if she had been busy! Luckily we didn’t have to change the date! Reality 100% matched expectations. Jo is a gorgeous person, really put us at ease, we had a real laugh and have got the phenomenal photos we dreamt of. Thank you Jo!! Xxx

We used Jo as our elopement photographer in Cornwall and she was fantastic. I wanted a very natural style of photography and loved Jo’s portfolio.
We met Jo at the church and reception venue beforehand and she made sure she knew the shots that we really wanted. On the day, we hardly knew she was there, moving between rooms as we got ready in the morning, and taking great natural photos of such special moments during the day.
Jo is so friendly and lovely, and everyone felt very much at ease. She captured our day exactly as we’d hoped, the photos were incredible, we couldn’t have been happier. One of my bridesmaids was also very impressed and used Jo as her photographer the year after.
I would recommend Enchanted Brides wedding photography to anyone.

More Reviews

Jo is a spectacular  photographer and the easiest person to work with. She manages to capture those special moments and beautiful details. Her photos are a work of art, completely gorgeous !! Her photographic style is dreamy and majestic. Absolutely love her. If you decide to book her you seriously won’t regret it !! We eloped to Cornwall for our wedding just last month and booked Jo from Enchanted Brides Photography to capture our day. Our whole wedding was built on faith in people like Jo. We had never seen our venue in real life and we’d just happened to come across Enchanted Brides following a google search. After visiting Jo’s instagram page @enchanted_brides and having seen her incredible photos, we knew before we’d even spoken to her that she had to share our day with us. Just like a previous reviewer said, we would’ve genuinely changed the date of our wedding if Jo wasn’t available.

Jo is an exceptional wedding photographer cornwall. She captures the moments inbetween which create the most beautiful, raw and intimate images. It was really important to us that our photos looked organic rather than formal and posed. Jo delivered this and some! Her eye for detail, lighting and framing was unbelievable. There were times when looking at our photo album where we couldn’t actually believe it was us in the image. They are spectacular. Some of my favourites have to be the more unusual shots or those where we hadn’t even realised she was snapping away.

The photos were probably what we were most anxious about prior to the day being that it was just us two but Jo made us feel so completely at ease. She is so friendly and chatty and never made us feel silly or awkward. Jo is the kind of person you wish was your friend. And you couldn’t get a more dedicated photographer. She was laying in wet sand with the tide coming in, climbing rocks barefoot while clinging on taking photos and constantly running ahead with hands full of equipment and our coats. She is super woman and you can tell that she really cares about all of her couples. She scouted out all of our location shots prior to the wedding without us even having to ask and she drove us and our dog to the most beautiful places for a shoot.

I could go on all day. But this lady is worth every penny and more. We can’t thank her enough. Cheers Jo, you rock! xx

Jo was our wedding photographer Cornwall and oh my gosh, she is just so lovely – she put us at ease on our engagement shoot at Bedruthan Steps. So much that we were dancing, doing piggy backs and even kissing for the camera! She contacted us just enough to know she was thinking of us, and planning but wasn’t intrusive about it. On the wedding day at The Green, she just blended in – properly a camera ninja! The photos she produced are atmospheric, and full of feeling – exactly what we wanted. She just KNOWS what to do! We love her a lot, as you can probably tell!


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